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HEPArts, Inc. was founded in 1998, by John J. Ryan, Ph.D. His goal was to transfer some of the technical sophistication of the High Energy Physics (HEP) community into the commercial marketplace. In particular, an absolutely essential ingredient of HEP software is that it cannot crash. Users in the commercial market, however, endure riduculous levels of instability, primarily because a user suspects he has done something wrong, rather than that the software was written inadequately.

The goal of HEPArts, Inc., therefore, is to provide robust, high quality and technically advanced software products that enable computers to aid businesses in solving their real-life problems right now.

License Agreement

During a purchase you will be required to read the License Agreement. If you have forgotten what it says, or if you just like reading License Agreements, you can look at it here.

Privacy Policy

To buy programs from us and to get help with them, you must create an account with us. You will have to fill in your name and address and an E-Mail address, the usual information. We use this information purely to identify you as our Customer. We do not give (or sell) this information to any other parties. We keep all Customer information confidential, encrypted with better than State-of-the-Art techniques. (We use a tri-level Key Hierarchy of 256-bit AES symmetric keys.)

During a purchase using a Credit-Card, you will have to input the Billing Address of the card, and we forward this information to the Credit-Card processor, who uses it to verify your authority to use the Credit-Card. This is for your protection, actually. After completion of a transaction, we destroy our copy of your Credit-Card number, keeping only the last 4-digits for verification purposes. We never keep your Credit-Card number on file.

As you Log-in and select products or request help, all of your information is kept private, as your connection to our Server is over secure TLS-based https, using Triple-DES encryption.


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