Ordering Products from HEPArts, Inc.
At HEPArts, Inc., we sell all our products from our On-Line Web Store. Customers are able to purchase our software programs directly from us and download them immediately. They can install the software and use it within minutes.

Selecting Programs

You can follow the "Products" pages down to the details of the program of interest. After you have decided to make a purchase, just press the button called "Select to Buy".

This will bring up a current Invoice, which lists all of the products you have selected, the quantity, and the pricing. You may select the number of seats desired by editing the quantity and clicking the "Recalculate" button. You may continue to select additional items by clicking the "Continue" button.

Once you have made any selection or have logged-in, you will be connected to our Server securely over TLS (https). All of your interaction with us at this point is encrypted with Triple-DES.


When you are finished, click on the "Checkout" button. If you are on some page other than the Invoice page, you can get back to this by selecting the "Store" button in the Left Menu and clicking the "Checkout" button.

This will, once again, bring up the Invoice page. You can make a final decision on your purchases. You must then Login to your account with us to proceed. Actually, you can Login to your account at any point in this process, but you must be logged-in in order to checkout.


If you do not yet have an account, click on the "Create" button. This will bring up a form in which you fill in your information. Several fields are required; others are optional. We use this information purely to identify you as our Customer. We do not give (or sell) this information to any other parties. We keep all Customer information confidential, encrypted with better than State-of-the-Art techniques. (We use a tri-level Key Hierarchy of 256-bit AES symmetric keys.)

During a purchase, we do have to forward your Address information to the Credit-Card processor to verify your authority to use the Credit-Card. After completion, we destroy our copy of your Credit-Card number, keeping only the last 4-digits for verification purposes. We never keep your Credit-Card number on file.

As you Log-in, all of your information is kept private, as your connection to our Server is over secure TLS-based https.


After you have logged-in, you can select your preferred method of payment. Primarily, we accept Credit-Cards, but we are also happy to accept a check in a "paper transaction." We can also process Purchase Orders for corporations, although this eliminates the immediacy of installing the programs.

You will need to fill-in the information for your Credit-Card or Purchase-Order. All Credit-Card transactions require the 3-digit Security-Code from the back of the card. American Express has a 4-digit Security-Code on the front of the card. When you are finished with your form, click on the "Submit" button.

You can cancel a purchase at any point before you click on the "Submit" button.


At any point, if you wish to bailout and cancel all your selections, click on the "Cancel" button on the Invoice page. If you are on some page other than the Invoice page, you can cancel everything by selecting the "Store" button in the Left Menu and clicking the "Cancel" button.

This will abort the whole transaction, and it will end your secure (TLS) connection to our Server, taking you back to a non-secure page. No worries.


Once your payment has been processed, we will display a Receipt, which you should print out. If you have paid by a Credit-Card and the transaction has cleared smoothly, we will generate your Licenses and Activation-Codes immediately and display them on a final page. Very definitely print out this page.

At this point, the transaction is complete. Click on the "Finish" button. This will end your secure (TLS) connection to our Server and take you back to a non-secure page.

Download Packages

After you have purchased your Licenses, you may go to the Download Pages for your programs and copy the program packages down to your computer. Normally, you can download the compressed files, and your Browser will expand them automatically. If you have trouble with this, you can download the uncompressed version instead.

You must run the program package to extract the program and to activate it, using your License Number and Activation Code. This is why you printed out that final page. If the Browser expansion of the compressed file has not set the package as executable, you will have to do this by-hand. On Unix or MacOSX:

  chmod +x program.prgpkg

Activate Programs

Executing this package file will prompt you for four pieces of information. The first is your name, and the second is your Customer-Number with us. Then, it will prompt you for the License-Number from your purchase. Finally, it will prompt you for the Activation-Code, printed on the License-Page from your purchase.

After you enter all this correctly, it will produce a program.exe file, and you are all set. You can copy this whereever you wish it to reside (/usr/local/bin, for example).

On Unix, you may not like having the "exe" file-extension. You do not need to keep it. At HEPArts, we keep the extension on the file but add a symbolic link to it in addition:

  program@ -> program.exe
We find it advantageous to keep the file-extension for doing searches.


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