Security at HEPArts, Inc.

Transport Layer Security

As you Log-in and select products or request help, all of your information is kept private, as your connection to our Server is over secure TLS-based https, using Triple-DES encryption. The TLS stands for Transport Layer Security. This is the descendent of the older SSL, which stood for Secure Sockets Layer.

For these security measures to work to guard the transactions between you and our WebSite, we must purchase a Security Key from a trusted third party. We use Thawte, a subsidiary of VeriSign.

Thawte provides a dynamic validation of the validity of our WebSite and its Security Key. If you click on the link below, it will take you to Thawte's WebSite, where they will provide a trusted third party description of our security.

Site Security Validation

Click the button at the left to take yourself to Thawte's WebSite, where they will show you the validity of our Security Key and WebSite.


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