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This program is used to change the Pass-Phrase securing a Private-Key. The RSA or DSA Private-Key of a Public/Private Key-Pair is stored encrypted by a 256-bit AES key, generated from random data. This hiding key is, in turn, encrypted by a second 256-bit AES key which is generated from a Pass-Phrase, which the user inputs from the console. The first AES key, randomly generated, must be stored at the head of the file; this is why it is also encrypted. This scheme gives a two-level key hierarchy to the securing of the Private-Key.

This program allows the user to change this encryption by specifying a new Pass-Phrase. The new Pass-Phrase generates a new second-key, which is used to encrypt a brand new, randomly generated hiding-key. In addition, the user may specify the number of ``hashing iterations'' to use to ``entroprize'' the Pass-Phrase, a la RFC-2898. The default number is 5000. The minimum number is 1024.

This program can also change the Pass-Phrase for a ``Secret-Key,'' which is an AES key, encrypted by the Pass-Phrase generated second AES key. A Secret-Key is usually contained, however, within an RSKeyCertificate, which allows giving it a name, an owner, a purpose, etc. This is always true of the RSA and DSA Private-Keys.


This is a command-line utility.
Usage: keyPasswd [options] filename [-o newFilename]

Information Options:
  --help    | -h -> output this help message
  --version | -V -> version of the program and OS
  --verbose | -v -> Enable Verbose mode

Output Options:
  --output     | -o <pathname>  output filename for changed Certificate
                               (default is to append a version number
                                to the input filename)
  --error-file | -e <pathname>  output filename for errors

  --entroprize-iterations | -N <number> of Pass-Phrase Entroprizing loops

  --encrypt-exportably -> hide Private-Key with Exportable DES2


Price: $ 40

Export Restrictions

Because Encryption is restricted under U.S. Export Law, programs purchased to be used outside the United States must have encryption crippled. Because the security of the Private-Keys depends on using strong encryption, we just cannot sell it to non-US Customers at this time. Currently, only Customers within the United States may purchase this program. Sorry.

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